Posted: June 13th, 2022

1000 word proposal


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1000 word proposal
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Imagine that you are submitting an application for $100 million dollars to address a specific global health issue. The grant application requires that you outline your global health philosophy; identify and justify the global health priority you will focus on a detailed discussion of your proposed intervention; and a discussion on metrics and evaluation. You must also outline how you will spend the $100 million dollars on each of these aspects with a justification of how that money will benefit the program.

For each section, make sure to provide at least two unique citations to justify your arguments and proposal. These citations may be from class or external sources. Please make sure to properly cite all of your sources both in-text (identifying any direct quotations or sources of the information) as well as in a bibliography at the end. The final bibliography should be cited in APA format. If you have questions about the APA format please consult

Please use this template to provide your responses as the rubric is based on this format and allows us to find the information in the appropriate sections.

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