Posted: June 14th, 2022

1000 words paper.

Read the article at this link:  .  Write at least one paragraph for each of the five questions below.  If desired, feel free to reference information from other studies or articles or look up terminology to make sure you understand what the article is saying.  This is not an English class, so sentence structure, grammar, and spelling will not be graded.  However, because any chosen profession will likely involve some professional writing and analytical thinking, I recommend using this opportunity to practice professional writing and formatting skills.  I would be happy to give you input or feedback in this area if you like.  I am looking primarily for evidence that you 1) read the article, 2) understood the content, 3) reviewed all of the data and charts for meaning and understanding (and as someone who has studied statistics), and 4) came to some conclusions/opinions based on the information provided.  Please do not feel that you need to write a book — just consider the questions below and answer them thoughtfully.  One paragraph per question would be a good way to approach it, but additional paragraphs are OK.  It is not required that you agree with the article – your opinions can take any direction and will not affect your grade.   

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Answer these questions:


1.              1.  Write an introductory paragraph that briefly introduces the study and the main points it covers.


2.                  2. What did you find most interesting or provocative in the content of the article?  What data were provided on that topic?  If the authors were to write another article in more depth in that area, what data might you be interested in seeing?  Elaborate as much as you can about some specific types of data that they might collect.


3.     I      3.   Identify a particular section with a chart and discuss briefly what is being stated and how the chart aids in understanding.  Do you feel that the chart is appropriate and effective for the data it represents?  Why or why not?  Be sure you view any animation that goes along with that chart. 



4.             4.       Which of the defined generational groups are you in?  Do you feel that the description of that group in the article relates well to you?  Why or why not?


5.     I       5. In the last section of the article, “Over the Horizon”, some statements are made about the future.  Comment on the various challenges identified and how you think our country will handle them.  What is one set of data you might like to see ten years from now as a follow up?  Elaborate on why the data you are suggesting would be helpful and worth collecting.

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