Posted: September 11th, 2022

15 journal entries for advance reseach course

You will be creating a journal, and making a record of your experience in this course. You will make a minimum of four (4) entries each module/week. The entire journal consisting of at least 17 entries will be submitted at the end of module/week 8. 

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15 journal entries for advance reseach course
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When an assignment states “Submit Project A,” this is what it means. Formal APA is not required for this journal, as the goal is for you to capture those things that you wish to remember months from now when you begin the dissertation process. The journal should include dates to keep track of each entry, with any observations and/or thoughts listed beneath. Annotated bibliographies and other similar items may also be included. Ideally, journals are done on paper, with different sections for each of the various categories one may choose to write on (e.g. important concepts, dissertation ideas, journal articles, etc.), however, since this is an online class, the journal must be converted into an electronic or PDF format. Programs such as Word, OneNote, or Excel will likely work best. 

While you may enter other things that you observe at work, church, social gatherings, etc., the purpose of the journal, again, is to specifically collect your thoughts with regard to this course. This journal should not be treated like a diary. 

You must write at least 4 entries per module/week. The writing does not have to be formal, and bullet points may be used. While there is not a specific word count, each entry should be substantive. This means that there will likely be a minimum of at least 100 words, though some entries may be longer than others. You may want to include such items as things you never knew, things to be sure to do, research topic ideas, important concepts to remember, etc. It will not benefit you to wait until the day the submission is due to write down all journal entries. Rather, you should determine a plan as to which days you will write, and keep to that plan.

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