Posted: October 20th, 2022

150 words response to my classmates discussions today in 4 hours

Post by Briana Holding

15 hours agoRe: Week 7 | Discussion – Hope for the WorldThe “hope” Paul and Vincent are trying to bring to the world is about Jesus. Nowadays people do not have faith in what they can not physically see and I think that may have been some of the rejection Paul and Vincent were facing. Remembering how the story happens is truly important because it is a story full of hope due to the fact that Jesus was “rejected by his people, tortured, nailed to a cross until death, yet he did not give up” (Donavon 158). This easily relates to today’s society because so many of us have been kicked down by life, including myself, and sometimes it does come to a point where we want to give up on everything. We have to remember what Jesus encountered and show the same strength as he did and not give up; just get right back on our feet as if we did not get kicked down in the first place.

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150 words response to my classmates discussions today in 4 hours
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Something we can do to help out today, is by being genuine people. There’s not many of those kinds of people out much. I pride myself on being a good person and too many people these days do not care; they have their own agenda. There’s many people who steal, sabotage others’ lives, people whop purposely intend to hurt others or put others’ lives in danger, or people who are too corrupt to remember what it is like to be the little guy. People need to remember that they are not the only person on this planet, and need to relearn how to have remorse for others. Having your own agenda is not necessarily a good idea for the society that needs help in all areas to bring it back to life. Once we can help others, we must help them understand God is why us good people continue to do good and help those who are not on that path, get there.

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