Posted: May 30th, 2022

3-4 pagraphs with references and no plagriazm2A-01

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3-4 pagraphs with references and no plagriazm2A-01
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The mosque built by Muslim residents in the town of Unitas was recently vandalized. Derogatory remarks were spray painted on the front of the mosque, such as “Go home, al-Qaeda.” The police have made it a priority to find the vandals and will most likely prosecute the issue as a hate crime. The Muslim community is understandably outraged.

The mayor would like to make a public statement to address their concerns and show support for their community. He has asked you to help by researching how other communities and leaders have addressed anti-Muslim sentiment or actions to be able to present some specific suggestions regarding actions that the town can take to reassure the Muslim community in Unitas and promote religious tolerance.  Use research and specific examples to support your opinions.

  • What types of issues, with specific examples, have Muslims in the United States faced, especially since 9/11?  
  • What would be gained by prosecuting this crime as a hate crime? 

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