Posted: October 19th, 2022

400 word Public Health Secondary Data discussion (Categorical Variables)

Due 1/8  8 p.m EST

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400 word Public Health Secondary Data discussion (Categorical Variables)
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400 words not including title & ref page min 3 APA


You may use several types of variables during your statistical analysis. Some of those variables can only be collected as categorical variables, such as gender and race, as they require fixed responses. Others, however, can be collected as either continuous or categorical variables based on the researchers’ preferences. For example, one researcher may record age as a continuous variable in years or months, whereas another may record age as categorical variables such as <40, 40–65, >65. Age categories can vary from one study to another. Depending on the researchers’ preference, you have to decide either in the data collection stage or during the analysis how age should be used.

For this week’s Discussion, select two categorical variables from the data sets to answer the Discussion questions. Consider why the researchers may have chosen to make them categorical variables and decide if you would have made the same classification.

Post a brief description of the two categorical variables you selected from the database. Then, explain why you believe the variables were created as categorical variables instead of continuous variables. Finally, explain if you believe this is a correct classification for this study and why. Support your response with  current literature.

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