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# 5 Assignment due 8/05/2019 – $20.00 

Case Study Treatment Plan: Assessment Process

For this assignment, you will complete the first part of your course project, which includes the intake, assessment, and diagnosis sections of the treatment plan. The treatment plan you develop should be based on the case study you selected during your assignment preparation in Unit 2. Review the case studies in the Case Study Treatment Plan multimedia piece, linked in the Resources, as needed.

The assessment process sections of the treatment plan consist of the following:

· Identifying client information.

· Presenting issues and concerns.

· Previous treatments.

· Strengths and challenges.

· Assessment processes.

· Diagnosis.

· References.

The sections of the treatment plan you submit for this assignment should be 4–6 pages in length, with a minimum of two references from current articles in the professional literature in counseling. Be sure to cite your references in current APA format.

Please use the Case Study Treatment Plan Template, linked in the Resources, to organize your work. Each section of the template includes a description of the information you must include. You should type your paper directly into this template, save it as a Word document with your name, and then submit it to the assignment area.

Submit the following document for this assignment:


· Case Study Treatment Plan: Assessment Process Scoring Guide.

· Case Study Treatment Plan Template [DOCX].

· Case Study Treatment Plan

· APA Style and Format.

· Capella University Library.

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