Posted: June 13th, 2022

5 pages, double spaced and grammatically correct.


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5 pages, double spaced and grammatically correct.
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  • Speakers Name/Title
  • Include a brief biography of the speaker (a brief biography of the speaker can be found on the TED page link or you can do an Internet search to find out more about the speaker.)
  • Describe AND critique the speaker’s delivery (both verbal and nonverbal).
  • Using the five canons of rhetoric (invention, disposition, style, memory, delivery) as your framework, write an analysis of the speech: content–what was the speaker’s attention grabbing device, thesis/main idea, signpoints (such as “next,” “in the first case,” etc.), organization (topical, chronological, spatial, etc.), supporting material, language.
  • Terms and concepts from your text and class must be underlined/highlighted/bolded. (At least 5 terms/concepts must be included in this paper.)

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