Posted: August 9th, 2022

52/10 Dis (Rep 1)

Please reply with 2-3 paragraphs and 2 sources offering additional ideas to overcome the barriers to strategies suggested by your colleagues and/or by offering additional ideas to facilitate dissemination. 

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52/10 Dis (Rep 1)
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The dissemination of evidence-based findings can be performed by various means.  However, just as it takes practice to perfect any craft, the art of presentation takes practice as well.  Presentation styles over time have remained fairly consistent, but it is within the presenter’s preparation strategies that can make or break the end result.  Proper presentation preparation can help reduce jitters and build confidence, resulting in a more meaningful and successful presentation and overall dissemination of information (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2018). 

For me personally, I enjoy a good conference and having the ability to experience in-person information being presented directly from an individual.  Therefore, disseminating evidence through podium/oral presentation would be my top choice.  This style allows first-hand face-to-face interaction with the audience and presenter.  It provides an environment that is engaging and a means to fully share information and influence the clinical expertise of the audience (Melnyk & Fine-out-Overholt, 2018).  Barriers to this technique may be the amount of preparation that is involved in its success.  Oral presentations, more than likely, require more preparation than most dissemination strategies.  The presenter would also require having some familiarity with the venue in which they are presenting and knowledge of the presentation tools and/or supplies available, such as technology equipment.  The presenter would also need to be prepared for the audience in which they are presenting to, and how the information being presented would be beneficial to them in order to enhance audience engagement (Melnyk & Overholt-Fineout, 2018).  To reduce the effects of these barriers it would be recommended that the presenter thoroughly prepare to present to an audience through dry-runs of the oral presentation, preparing visuals, and analyzing the venue and audience beforehand.

The second choice that I would propose for the dissemination of evidence would be in the form of a poster presentation.  The poster presentation is versatile and can be included in various settings.  It is an option that is suitable for any presenter from novice to expert level.  Poster presentations provide the setting to present a snapshot of evidence-based data and findings and the need for a practice change.  The EBP poster is still considered an invaluable communication tool (Williams & Cullen, 2106).  On the other hand, barriers that exist with this dissemination strategy include the lack of individual creativity, in that poster presentations typically adhere to a standard format and also that there is limited time for interaction with one’s audience for expanding on the topic and to address questions (Melnyk & Overholt-Fineout, 2018).  To overcome barriers to this presentation style, one may want to avoid including unnecessary information on the poster and keep only key points that effectively get the point across.  Also, being prepared by anticipating possible questions the audience may have, may help further improve presenter/audience communications.

As far as dissemination strategies that I would be less inclined to use may include dissemination by way of email.  While Gavalo, Carmona, Grand, Pluye, & Ricarte (2018), report that EBP data distributed via email can enhance use in practice, from experience I find that the audience is much less engaged and much less likely to take away the information that was intended by the presenter.  It does not provide an environment to enhance attentiveness and engagement.  The second choice that I would be less likely to utilize would be disseminating evidence through Journal Clubs.  While this method is believed to provide its participants with the ability to learn and share information that is beneficial to their work, it also seems that the number of participants would be limited and would only be presented to the small group that already have the motivation to participate in such activities, limiting the ability to spread the evidence-based data to a broader audience (Melnyk & Overholt-Fineout, 2018).

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