Posted: August 22nd, 2022

American Government

Congress is identified as the first branch of the government and written about the most in the Constitution compared to the other two branches. Do you think the term “first branch” is still relevant? Why, or why not?

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American Government
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I completely believe that congress is primary branch of the government.  Most people want to focus on the President and make that to be the major thing that will shape our government.  However, it is congress that has the power and responsibility to make laws that reflect the poeple they represent.  Though the President has the power to veto laws passed by Congress, it is Congress that has the power to overturn Presidential veto with a 2/3 rds vote.  Congress also holds oversight over most federal programs and hold the power of the purse.

If the people were able to elect a Congressional body that was largely in agreement with each other on most issues, they would hold great power to create law, ensure laws passes by without concern of Presidential veto, and also control over federal oversight; Congress would then be able to make great significant changes/structure that would be long reaching and long lasting.

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