Posted: October 17th, 2022



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Research Q: do islamic banks outperform conventional banks in GCC


• No plagiarism 

• Use stata as the software to do the instructions given

• Use a panel regression model where you use both cross sectional and time series

• Regress Islamic banks against non-Islamic banks in the following

1) Regression analysis ( as follow ) 

2) Profitability= B0+B1*Leverage+ B2*Size-+ B3*deposits/total assets+ B4*GDP + B5*IB dummy + residuals 

3) In this case; 

4) Leverage= Assets/Total capital 

5) deposit= security / Total Assets 

6) Size= Book value of total assets 

7) GDP= Change in GDP growth rate 

8) IB dummy= 1 if Islamic bank and 0 if conventional bank 

9) B0…B6 = Coefficients of independent variables 

10) Efficiency Ratio= Operating expenses / Operating income

11) Use dummy variables 0 for non-Islamic banks 1 for Islamic banks

12) data is provided


Please put years as a variable. In this way, you can improve the number of observations and run panel regressions.


Bank_id              Year             ROA …
1                        2009               0.1
1                        2010               0.15

Statistical Software



FREE – Data will be provided by the client

1- Focus research question import of types of banks on bank profitability.

2- A- Bank performance
b- Islamic bank performance
c – Differences in performance

3- Data from 2006 to 2014
4- Fixed effect panel regression xtrery leverage size Dep/total asset GDP
5- present result
6- interpret result




Data provided in the attachement.



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