Posted: May 30th, 2022

“as agreed” Elprofessori

Map Journal Outline

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“as agreed” Elprofessori
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1. You decided on a topic and now it is time to organize your ideas in order to visualize it using the Map Journal application. The most challenging part of the assignment is complete.


2. Develop the sub-topics that you want to use to support your main topic idea. This is where you think methodically about what, where, who or when is important to highlight in your Map Journal. Depending on your primary topic, sub topics may focus on its “global” aspects, a characterization of individuals or groups the Map Project concentrates on, or place descriptions. Be mindful that each sub-topic will represent only one panel in a Map Journal. It is recommended that you avoid making a list of sub-topics. Draft actual statements at this time. The standard size of the Map Journal is 7 panels, including the introductory panel. Therefore, the assignment requires you to have 6 sub-topics.


3. Give your Map Journal a structure that has a logical flow. Now that you have your sub-topics, you must place them in an order that the audience will understand. Simply put, tell a story using the sub-topics that 2 you identified. Whether you use chronology, process, or global vs. local picture as the approach in presenting your Map Journal, you must give it structure.


4. Add texture and color to the outline of the Map Journal. Now that you have your sub-topics and some structure, consider how you wish to visualize the story. Visual content includes such items as maps, photos, illustrations, charts and graphs, or videos. Each Map Journal must include a map that the student produces using his or her own data and ESRI’s ArcGIS Online software. However, for the outline assignment, you are only citing where visual content will be inserted into the story. There is no need to use the software at this moment. 

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