Posted: September 10th, 2022

Assignment about finance

We reviewed several different web analytics platforms in this module. For this assignment, review each platform by reading through the reports or visiting their websites. Feel free to use other resources for your essay as well. You may also use reviews posted on YouTube (just be sure to cite them in your report). To refresh your memory, the sites include Google Analytics, AWStats, and Clicky. You may include additional analysis packages if you like.

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Assignment about finance
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1. Analyze each tool, providing a list of pros and cons as well as a comparison of the platforms. Additionally, what one thing does each tool do very well?

2.After reviewing each of the tools, describe at least three KPI’s that your client could use from the data made available by the website analysis tools.  

3.Conclude with which tool you recommend to your client as well as the reasons why.

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