Posted: June 12th, 2022


Read pages 241-243:

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1.  What does the author mean when he says, “Metaphors aren’t just how we talk and write, they’re how we think.  At some level, we actually do seem to understand temperament as a form of temperture, and we expect people’s personality to behave accordingly’?

2.  Explain what the author maens when he says”we think with our bodies” and “abstract thought would be meaningless without bodily experience?’ What examples does he provide to support the statement?”

Read pages 253-266:

3.  What does it mean to say a plant has been genetically “modifid or engineered”?  What is the New Leaf Superior potato able to do as a result of being genectically modified?

4.Unlike Europe where produce that is genetically modified is clearly indicated on the label, people in the United States have no idea whether the food they are eating has been genetically modified.  Why are Europeans so concerned?  Why isn’t our produce clearly labelled?


Read pages 268-269:

5.  The author of this article, Richard manning argues that in developed countries, the risks to the environment or people posed by genetically engineered foods is of much less consequence that the reality of starvation and suicides by farmers whose crops are ruined by insects.  Do you agree with the point he is making?  why or why not? 



2. Reflective for my assignment

3. out line for my assignment


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