Posted: June 6th, 2022

Astronomy – Hubble Telescope Presentation Form

Small presentation will do, nothing major, only need to cover major points of the prompt.

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Astronomy – Hubble Telescope Presentation Form
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The answer needs to be in presentation form: you need to create a few slides presentation or a poster, which is well formatted MLA and well cited, which means you need to have in-text citations and figures with titles and with sources/references.

Best way is to reach out to Purdue university online writing lab and use the resources on how to prepare and format a presentation.

Study Question Title: The Hubble Space Telescope
Study Question 4.1 – Chapter 5 from In Quest of the Universe

Identify the telescopes used for detecting electromagnetic radiation other than radio and visible light waves.

Follow the instructions for the assignment and turn in your response to the instructor as directed.
Cite using MLA any online references or local sources (newspaper, online journal, reference book, etc.) you have used in your research and your response.
Click to “Browse,” select the file for uploading, and then click to “Upload this file.”

Study Question Instructions:

Use information from the textbook and the internet to explore the achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Make a presentation outlining the development of the Hubble Space Telescope, using images that identify and explain its major contributions to astronomy.

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