Posted: August 18th, 2022

Becoming Limitless

Have you ever feel that you are   Becoming Limitless tired of disguising yourself as somebody else Or have you ever hated speaking some words that you do not want to say at all Thinking that you are wearing a mask when you get out of the door We believe that we want to be ourselves. Here I want to tell you that put off your mask and showing a real one of yourself.We are living a new era and trying to find the new value, which may fit our new society. However, when the to-be- new value meet the old ones, they form a huge impact, making people do not know which one to prefer. Maybe that is the root cause.It does not matter who you are. What really matters is what kind of person you are willing to be by which way you could become the one you like to be.

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Becoming Limitless
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Have you ever think about what kind of people you want to be The answers are different for different persons. People are leaving a quick life tempo, especially for city people. They even do not have much time to think about their life seriously.Take Maria Shriver as an example, she is the niece of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and she married a Hollywood action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California. She is a successful professional woman in career, a mother of four children and the first lady of California.

Her childhood dream was to be a reporter in the news. However, she had to give up her love for NBC that she has been working for many years after she got the title of first lady. However, she had a wonderful speech in a school, telling people that to be themselves. After the speech, the bookJust who will you be was born. We could see how important to be oneself.Today’s children are very eager to get fame. What I want to say is that the students should not put the reputation as the goals in life. They should calm down and listen to what you are thinking at the bottom of your heart. What kind of person do you want to be

What achievements you make is derived from what you believe but not your parent and your spouse.Do not envy others’ life. When we read some events of famous persons, we want to be them. For example, when we see James Bond on the movie, we see that he has so many chances for traveling and accompany with many beauties. We even want to be a member of CIA with a spy camera to inspect anyone we want. In fact, you want to have much money or a movie star. Yet do you know the hard-work behind him Do you really like that work.

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