Posted: October 16th, 2022


This assignment seeks to assess your understanding and application of the knowledge and principles learned in this module.
You are required to undertake a comprehensive study to demonstrate the concepts learn in this module.

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Select a country of your interest.

Discuss the roles of the banking and finance sector in economic development in the selected country.

Introduce the growth and development of any two financial markets (e.g. money market, stock market, bond market) in the selected country. Discuss the relative importance of these markets to the development of economic.

Discuss the general impact of pandemic on the banking and finance sector. Prepare a written report of 2500 words (+/-10%) to show your findings.

Your report should be structured as follow:

  •   Introduction
  •   Role of banking and finance sector
  •   Growth and development of 2 financial markets
  •   General impact of Pandemic on banking and finance sector
  •   Conclusion
  •   Reflective Statement

Additional guidance notes

  •   The report should be supported by relevant data, table or graphs collected from
    various sources to support the analysis.
  •   You must demonstrate reading and research far beyond the material discussed in the
  •   You should ensure careful citation of all paper and electronic sources of information.
  •   A list of references following Harvard Referencing system should be attached to the
    end of the report.

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