Posted: October 22nd, 2022

Biblically based topics in HR


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Biblically based topics in HR
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Write a 2250-word expository essay directed at Christian business persons on one of the Biblically-based topics/ principles listed below.  The essay is to describe three concepts relating to the topic you have chosen and show your knowledge and insight of scripture as it relates to each of the three concepts. Please make this a final polished professional-looking document using APA format.

–  Compensation principles (salary and wages)

–  Training and Development

–  Recruiting and selection of effective employees

–  Succession Planning

– Conflict resolution

Personal experience is acceptable to support your points but be sure to explain the reader carefully your experiences.

For insight into what an expository essay is please see: but do not follow the five-paragraph method described on the website. You will have five sections — introduction, three concepts, and a conclusion.

Note that this project is scored using the Minor Project Rubric (not QEP). Please click on the underlined ‘Minor Project 2’ heading above and review the rubric so that you know how the project will be scored.

Decide how much text you can include in each of the sections and subsections and then write up to that word count. Do not write all that you can and then attempt to pare all of it down to 2250 words.

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