Posted: June 5th, 2022

BIO 101 test review questions /ASAP


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BIO 101 test review questions /ASAP
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· When electrons exit photosystem 2 what is the source from which replacement electrons are obtained?

· In what photosynthetic reaction dose carbon dioxide combine with RuBP?

· In what eukaryotic cell structure dose Krebs cycle and electron transport occur?

· What is the cell reaction that begins with glucose and ends with pyruvic acid called?

· How many NADH are formed in the Krebs cycle from a typical respiratory reaction that begins with glucose?

· How many ATP molecules can a cell produce from a single NADH that passes through electron transport?

· In what cell reaction dose co-enzyme, A combine with the 2-carbon “acetyl” fragment?

· By what cell division process are human sperm cells produced?

· What meiotic event involves the fusion of homologous chromosomes during meiotic prophase 1?

· Describe the mitotic chromosome alignment anaphase.

· What major event happens during the “S” phase?

· What is the typical number of chromosomes in human?

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