Posted: September 9th, 2022

brick-and-mortar business


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brick-and-mortar business
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Your local seamstress has contracted you to advise her about transforming her brick-and-mortar business into an e-business. Applying your knowledge of growth approaches/strategies, what advice could you give her? Keep in mind that her interest is in expanding/growing her market on the internet?   Pages 82-87 of the textbook will help you with this assignment.


Follow rubric guidelines

Specialized Knowledge – Student provides a strong introduction to the paper that gives a background of the situation and includes a great thesis statement; provides a strong conclusion.

Broad Integrative Knowledge  – Pulled research from 5 or more sources and at least 3 are from peer-reviewed sources.

Program Objective – Identified and discussed 3 important points required by the assignment description.

Course Objective  – provides 3+ examples of the points discussed in the paper and cites sources to support his/her findings.

Organization – Student organizes paper with APA style headings.

Grammar – Paper contains no errors.

APA – Paper contains 0-1 APA errors.

Paper length – Paper exceeds the length requirement and is 3 pages in length.

APA formatting Microsoft Word 2007.mp4 – YouTube  


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