Posted: September 15th, 2022

Business 400 Sand

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Business 400 Sand
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 Due by 6am tomorrow morning

  1. Should the Passalacquas buy the Eastside Meats building?
    1. Provide at least five arguments for buying the Eastside Meats building?
    2. Provide at least five arguments against buying the Eastside Meats building?
    3. Should the Passalacquas buy the building or another old-vine vineyard?
  2. What constitutes market in general and in this industry in particular?
    1. Is the premium wine market an attractive market – a good place to invest?
    2. Should the analysis be done for red wines, for premium wines, for specific types of wine (e.g. Carignane or old vine wines) etc.?
    3. Do you think that the fact that premium wine is a “non-essential luxury good” (p.3) hints at the idea that value creation might be limited for fine wines?
    4. What are the reasons why customers buy premium wines?
    5. Compare premium wines to at least three other similar products.
  3. Discuss dynamic effects – how is the industry is likely to evolve?
  4. Does Sandlands have a competitive advantage in the premium wine market?
    1. Assess Sandlands’ performance?
    2. What is Sandlands’ value proposition?
    3. What drivers explain Sandlands’ advantage?
    4. Does Sandlands’ have a sustainable advantage?

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