Posted: September 19th, 2022

buy-build-ally analysis

In this assignment, you will conduct a buy-build-ally analysis of Comcast Corp and recommend a strategy that the company can implement over the next five years to achieve the targeted growth.

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buy-build-ally analysis
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Perform a buy-build-ally analysis for Comcast Corp and recommend actions the company can take to realize the identified opportunity within five years. Use resources such as the company website, which will have pertinent information including its most recent sustainability report, and other relevant sources to help complete this presentation. 

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to show the results of your analysis and present your recommendations. Use both on-screen text and speaker notes to convey your information effectively. For example, you can use brief bulleted lists summarizing the highlights of your analysis on the slide, and include more detailed explanations where needed in your speaker notes.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Implementation strategy (slides 1–3): Recommend an implementation strategy for your company.
    1. Determine whether the company will need to buy, build, or ally with another company. Consider the skills, facilities, products, and services the company will need to capitalize on the identified opportunity.
    2. Use the speaker notes of your presentation to explain the strategy behind your buy, build, and ally recommendations.
  2. Timeline (slides 4–5): Construct a timeline showing what your company should achieve by the end of each year for the next five years.

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