Posted: June 5th, 2022

Can some one help me

With the  beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, people venture more outdoors to work, play and enjoy outdoor recreation.  This increase in outdoor time increases exposure to the sun’s radiation.  The text discusses how the ozone layer helps protect biological life from excess exposure.  Sunscreen is an added layer of protection.  
Investigate a common sunscreen, (perhaps your favorite one).  And tell us the following,:  1) What is a “good amount” of sunscreen to apply?2) What SPF level is this product and how often should you reapply?3) What is the active ingredient or ingredients4) What range(s) of the  UV spectrum does this protect from (Figure 3-30 will be helpful)5) Do you use Sunscreen, do you feel you don’t need to?  Why,Comment on two other posts by comparing your sunscreen and theirs.  How do you choose between them?   Cost, SPFIs there just one sunscreen that fits all your needs? or should you keep more than one around?Don’t limit yourself.. be creative in your responses and your choices.responses)
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Can some one help me
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