Posted: June 13th, 2022

Case Study

 The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply to a case the organization-development skills that you have gained throughout this course. First, in your own words, draft a brief definition for each of the following (what do the following skills mean to you?):

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Case Study
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 (1) coaching, 

(2) facilitation and team development, and

 (3) organization design. Second, select only ONE of the following cases that are located within the textbook: 

 “Exercise 4: Individual Intervention (Coaching)” on page 412

 “Exercise 5: Team Intervention (Facilitation and Team Development)” on page 413

  “Exercise 6: Whole Organization Intervention (Organization Design)” on page 415 Follow the instructions for the one case you select, and write a minimum of two pages about how you would approach the case.

This assignment requires that you use at least three sources from the Waldorf Online Library to support your assertions. Use APA style to format your paper. 

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