Posted: August 4th, 2022

Case study


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Case study
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Sabrina is a 26-year-old female who has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She has scheduled an appointment for a follow up with her physician but has several questions about her diagnosis and is calling the Nurse Helpline for her hospital network. As she talks with the advanced practice nurse, she learns that her diagnosis also impacts her neurologic and musculoskeletal systems. Although multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, both the neurologic and musculoskeletal systems will be affected by adverse symptoms that Sabrina needs to be aware of and for which specific drug therapy plans and other treatment options need to be decided on.

  • Briefly summarize the patient case study you were      assigned, including each of the three decisions you took for the patient      presented.
  • Based on the decisions you recommended for the patient      case study, explain whether you believe the decisions provided were      supported by the evidence-based literature. Be specific and provide      examples. Be sure to support your response with evidence and references      from outside resources.
  • What were you hoping to achieve with the decisions you      recommended for the patient case study you were assigned? Support your      response with evidence and references from outside resources.
  • Explain any difference between what you expected to      achieve with each of the decisions and the results of the decision in the      exercise. Describe whether they were different. Be specific and provide      examples.

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