Posted: August 13th, 2022

Complete the Unit 4 Discussion Board activity “NIA and Health”


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Complete the Unit 4 Discussion Board activity “NIA and Health”
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This week’s discussion board assignment involves the following: Go to the website of the National Institute on Aging (click here to access or use the following words in your search engine: “NIA Health Topics A-Z”).

Using the A-Z Health Topics Index, select one topic of your choice and write a short synopsis of what you have learned. Focus on the following guiding questions:  

  • Describe the disease, condition, or topic of interest – give a definition and describe its characteristics
  • Describe how this issue can affect the client’s cognitive, physical, or social functioning (refer to your assigned reading for definitions of these types of functions)
  • Assuming you have to educate an older adult about this topic, write a short, bulleted synopsis of what they need to know. Next to each bullet, address the following: How can they prevent/protect themselves from this issue? How can they manage this issue if they had to deal with it so that they level of functioning does not decline further?
  • Discuss the outstanding questions that should be researched on this issue. What is still not known? How can further answers illuminate the public’s knowledge of this issue? What would be the relevance of the findings to the well-being of older adults? What type of study design would be most beneficial in answering the outstanding questions and why? 
  • Explain what connections you have been able to make between the concepts studied in this week’s assigned readings and the content presented on the NIA website.

Read and follow the Discussion Board Post Grading Rubric to ensure your post and follow up comments meet all of the requirements noted there.

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