Posted: July 31st, 2022

Computing dis


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Computing dis
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For this weeks discussion board, create a post where you discuss how the cloud will impact future operating systems.

Initial posts should be a minimum of 400 words that cites sources and follows APA formatting.

Also, respond to at least two peers’ posts. Responses should be substantiative and clear and further the conversation by stating what you learned from the post and asking questions. A suggested minimum is 150 words.

Part 2: This is a fun one that shows you the power of cloud services and the speed that a usable web platform can be set up.  

Follow the instructions here. Skip step 1 to create an Amazon AWS account.

Be sure to complete module 1 (Creating a MySQL database with RDS) all the way through module 4 (Configuring WordPress on EC2)

Instead of doing module 5, instead send me a link for your WordPress site at the end, and do not perform the clean up steps.

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