Posted: October 19th, 2022

Corporate Finance


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Corporate Finance
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Financial Forecasting. Small Motors Inc, which is currently operating at full capacity, has sales of $29,000, current assets of $1,600, current liabilities of $1,200, net fixed assets of $27,500, and a 5 percent profit margin. The firm has no long-term debt and does not plan on acquiring any. The firm does not pay any dividends. Sales are expected to increase by 5.5 percent next year. If all assets, short-term liabilities, and costs vary directly with sales, answer the following questions?  Hint: (Additional Financing Required = Projected assets –projected liabilities-current equity-projected increase in retained earnings)




  1. What is the amount of projected assets?   

  2. What is the amount of projected liabilities?   

  3. What is the current equity?   

  4. What is the projected increase in retained earning?    

  5. How much additional equity financing is required for next year?    


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