Posted: October 15th, 2022

Create your own hypothetical human service program.

Deadline: 13 hrs from now 

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Create your own hypothetical human service program.
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For this assignment, you will need to research a grant opportunity that would apply to your program/organization design. When you submit your assignment, be sure to either attach a copy of the grant proposal request or include a link. If your grant proposal requires a specific budget to be included, for the assignment purposes, you can provide a list of the needed resources, supplies, equipment, and expected expenses along with a short justification for each category of funds.

Note: You will not need to officially submit the grant proposal to the funding source for this assignment! Plan for your assignment to be about at least 4 pages in length and be sure to use proper APA format when citing your sources. Resources are usually included in grant proposals when you are writing the narrative section(s) which might include identifying the statement of purpose, background information, rationale, etc.

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