Posted: October 17th, 2022

Crisis Management

Discussion Question 1 –  CLO 6

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Crisis Management
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This week, in your third interview with your contact person, you will be preparing for the next stage of the Four-Stage Framework.

The activities address the third stage of the Four-Stage Framework described in the textbook: Crisis Management

This area includes:

  1. How should the organization manage its internal stakeholders during a crisis?
  2. How should the organization manage its external stakeholders during a crisis?

This week, you will prepare at least four questions for the company representative (be prepared for more if they have no answer to the four you asked). Be prepared for follow-up questions (secondary and tertiary questions), so as to gain greater insight about how well (or poorly) the organization is prepared for managing its stakeholders. These will encompass how the organization plans on addressing various crises. This is important to know because COVID-19 has affected the world beyond just those who are ill, but has affected every other aspect of our lives.

These may include (though you can use your own) :

  • Who is the focal person of notification when a crisis occurs?
  • How is this person contacted?
  • How is the information disseminated to the rest of the CMT?
  • Who is responsible for the social media response?
  • Does the company have a media person?
  • What other internal stakeholders are involved?
  • What other external stakeholders are involved?

After deciphering the questions, give your account if these things are aligned.

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