Posted: August 15th, 2022

Cultural Studies DB


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Cultural Studies DB
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The semester is almost over and we have covered a lot of material. For this DB I want you to think about the artists you have learned more about this semester. Does one stand out to you?  Maybe you learned something about one that you found surprising? It could David’s arbitrary politics, or the passion some artists had for justice.  It could be the role an artist played that was outside of art.  

Think of this as an essay on the artist you chose and then use their images to discuss your point.  You will need to include at least two images, very brief bio of the artist, (just what is in the book will do).  Please note, this is not a research paper.  I am interested in your reflection on the knowledge you have gained this semester.  Artists are usually pretty interesting people who live interesting lives.  So there is no end to possible subjects to discuss.  

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