Posted: October 22nd, 2022

CV and cover letter

 Your application should include the following:

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CV and cover letter
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  1. Indication of your chosen projects – maximum of three (3) projects in order of preference.
  2. A curriculum vitae (CV).
  3. A cover letter for EACH of the projects which clearly:
    • indicate why you choose the project.
    • provide an indication of how you intend to undertake the project and/or propose programme of work.
    • indicate your strength, background, skills and experience. 

The panel strive to complete the  selection process and communicate result as soon as possible in order to  allow you time to develop project proposal as part of the Research  Methods component of the module. It is however, advisable that you have  an alternative topic for the Consultancy Project should your application  is not successful. 

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