Posted: September 13th, 2022

Deliverable 1


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Deliverable 1
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For today’s workforce, collaborating with colleagues is essential for success. Your organization wants you to take a DISC assessment to learn more about your personality style. DISC is a personality assessment tool that focuses on behavioral characteristics that are grouped together into four personality styles. People with similar personality scores tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that profile. Each of these personality styles has unique preferences for communication, behavior, and leadership. Being aware of your preferences allows you to better understand how you might react in certain situations. Being aware of others’ preferences allows you to better communicate with those personality styles.

  • Conduct an Internet search for a free DISC personality test; take the test and save your results, including the web site’s URL.
    • You will use these results for reflecting on how your personality can affect your decisions in a professional environment.
  • Summarize the feedback you receive.
    • Define the four personality types and how they relate to you.
    • How will you use the understanding of different personality styles to better communicate and lead?
    • How could your personality affect your decisions in a professional environment?

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