Posted: July 25th, 2022

Deliverable 7 – Develop a Proposal for Health Reform


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Deliverable 7 – Develop a Proposal for Health Reform
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  • Compare and contrast the role of finance and economics in the management of health systems in the U.S. and international markets.
  • Employ contemporary economic principles that guide resource allocation decisions in health organizations.
  • Evaluate the role and impact of financial principles on healthcare organizations.
  • Analyze financial statements to assess performance and to ensure organizational improvement and long-term viability.
  • Apply principles of finance and accounting to healthcare outcomes, reimbursements, and business operations.
  • Prepare a financial budget that supports improved business and patient outcomes.


The issue of access to quality healthcare remains a challenge in the United States. Inadequate access is more pervasive in rural communities. Most efforts to improve access have not yielded the desired results. Studies suggest that rural healthcare has changed significantly within the past decade as a result of healthcare financing, the emergence of new technologies, and the clustering of health networks and services. A lack of financial resources in rural communities coupled with provider shortages continue to have negative impacts on health outcomes.


You are a rural community health analyst. In your role, you are attempting to find an effective strategy to address the barriers to access of care for a rural community in your state. You have determined that telehealth may be a viable solution.

  • Research the impact of telehealth on access to healthcare in international markets.
  • Discuss the possible implications of telehealth on rural communities in the U.S.
  • Using the California-based clinic, La Clinica de la Raza, as a benchmark, evaluate the financial report of the organization and discuss the organization’s financial performance based on your findings from the report.
  • After a review of the financial data, create a business report in which you discuss the benefits of implementing telehealth.


You can find La Clinica de la Raza financial report here Click for more options .You can find resources on writing a business report here

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