Posted: September 12th, 2022



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For this weeks discussion board, create a post where you assume that you must select a cloud-based data storage solution for your company. List the factors you would consider when selecting a vendor.

Initial posts should be a minimum of 400 words that cites sources and follows APA formatting.

Also, respond to at least two peers’ posts. Responses should be substantiative and clear and further the conversation by stating what you learned from the post and asking questions. A suggested minimum is 150 words.

Part 2 – Each of you will have received an email from AWS Educate ([email protected]). Click on the link and sign up. Take a screenshot of your AWS console and submit it with your post.

There are instructions with screenshots in the attachment if you need additional assistance.

Note – If you do launch any instances, be sure to shut them down when you are done, Amazon IaaS has an hourly charge and student accounts only have $50 credit for the term. You will need credit for future assignments.

AWS Educate Getting Started 2.docx 

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