Posted: September 20th, 2022


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review Chapter 8 of your Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow course text.

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This discussion forum focuses on analyzing Case Study 8.1 (A New Mission for Ferryport College) from your textbook.

In at least one paragraph, supported by evidence from your text and from other research, respond to at least three of the seven bullet points below:

  • Describe if Hughes is a transformational or pseudo-transformational leader.
  • Was it ethical to downplay the college’s mission in order to attract more students?
  • Explain if colleges operate more like businesses.
  • By recruiting business donors, did Hughes sell out the vision and values of the school?
  • Should Ferryport change its vision statement? Why or why not?
  • Is there any way to ensure Ferryport’s financial future without further altering its culture? If so, how?
  • If you were a faculty member, would you support a no-confidence vote? If you were on the board of trustees, how would you respond to such a vote?

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