Posted: May 30th, 2022

Discussion posts


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Discussion posts
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A brief summary of each case, only 2-3 paragrapgs each case.


Case 28:  Foster Pharmaceuticals – Receivables Management


Case 29: Clarinda Community Hospital – Inventory Management


Please resort to the case studies listed above and read them first from the required book: Cases in Healthcare Finance. Please follow with the Case Highlights ppts presenting Key Learning Points in each case. Please analyze thoroughly the complete Excel Spreadsheet-based models supporting each case, with all formulas and data provided. Both, the addressed cases and your own experience, you are strongly encouraged to share, will constitute the real life issues and problems to be resorted to, and discussed while presenting the Receivables Management and Inventory Management Best Practices with the consideration of reimbursement methods. Please support your posts with  interpretations, explanations of theoretical concepts referred to. Please provide supporting data, and references for your arguments. Please be detailed, precise and clear in your critical analysis. You are expected to follow each other posts and engage in the discussion via your responses.


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