Posted: October 7th, 2022

DUE TONIGHT Business Policy & Strategy – Company: Spotify


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DUE TONIGHT Business Policy & Strategy – Company: Spotify
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Here are some of the highlights regarding what is needed to be done for the first assignment.  5-6 pages. (6 is for references; ok to go to 7 or 8 but please avoid a 10 page paper).  I am not concerned about the format for resources, but please provide the url so I can access it if need be.  Please put your name on your paper, and your last name in your file name. Font 12; 1.5 or 2 in terms of spacing. Submit via canvas.  Please avoid sending to me as an email unless canvas blows up on you.  Save as a .doc format only please  

Include a paragraph that gives an overview of the company.

Next is the Porter model analysis (please read through the text on the model and use your notes from class).  Include High Medium Low where appropriate regarding bargaining power, (suppliers buyers) risk of entry and industry competition.  Are they a consolidated industry or fragmented? 

Don’t forget to include compliments and substitutes along with answering the question – are there a lot of a little of them. (Again if you want you can use high medium or low) instead of a lot or a little. 

Next is the macro environmental  factors that applies to your company. You don’t have to cover all of them but make sure you pick the ones that are important for your company.  (Covid is a bid deal for many companies).  Use of technology, demographics groups etc. 

Position within the industry life cycle (your opinion) 

Conclusions with your opinion on the top issues from your analysis.  Please no recommendations until the third paper, just the issues.  

References (any format is fine) 

 I will grade the papers on organization, quality of content, grammar and sentence structure.  (yes spelling counts),  Again if English isn’t your first language, please note that at the top of paper.  

So some advice, run spell and grammar check before submitting papers. Organization and quality of content are weighed the most for grading.

Using subtitles is a good idea to help organized the paper. 

If you include a chart make sure it is relevant and you explain it.  (Remember it is using up space)

Please avoid using bullets.  (Great for presentations, but not for papers.) 

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