Posted: June 12th, 2022

Employment Law

 Wanda has been working as an administrative assistant for 8 years. In this position, Wanda spends 90% of her day sitting at a desk working on a computer. This year, Wanda was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, which affects her spine and back. She has complained about pain due to prolonged sitting every day. She discussed with her doctor and brought her manager a doctor’s note stating that she must be able to alternate sitting and standing throughout the day. The doctor suggests the employee be provided with an ergonomic workstation that can transition from sitting to standing easily.

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Employment Law
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Complete a full ADA analysis (explain your analysis of each factor under the law). Does this employee fall under the protection of the ADA? Review the suggested accommodation under the factors used by courts (detail your analysis below). Should the company provide the accommodation?


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