Posted: July 10th, 2022

Enforce Compliance Standards and Take Corrective Action

The sixth and seventh elements in your compliance program at Green Tree Hospital are combined because, as you can see from your reading this week, in real health care facilities, they go together. For any compliance program to be achieved successfully, you must (Element #6) Reinforce Compliance Standards and then (Element #7) Take Corrective Action if someone violates your standards.

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Enforce Compliance Standards and Take Corrective Action
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How are you going to handle this? You discuss the issue with staff and then close your office door to think, research, and write. (Research today’s assigned reading and one or two websites of your regulatory or accrediting agencies.) For this assignment, write a 3-4 page, two-part plan of action on Pharmacy staff compliance in dispensing medical prescriptions to patients.

  • Part I of your plan covers ways you will enforce compliance standards in this area.
  • Part II covers corrective action steps you will take in the event that someone violates these compliance standards.

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