Posted: June 5th, 2022

English I(MB)#8

Read carefully and answer fully make sure to look at attached examples for guidance  

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English I(MB)#8
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Write a 750-1000 word essay about a topic in which you argue for the existence of a particular phenomenon by stating a generalization about the topic. Then you will support that generalization (in the form of a thesis statement) by choosing to write a single-example illustration essay or a multiple-example illustration essay (see Unit V, Lesson 2). The essay should be written in the style and form described within Unit V.

Purpose: Throughout Unit V, we have discussed the conventions of the illustration essay. The purpose of this assignment is to measure your mastery of those conventions by putting your knowledge to practice. In a larger context, the purpose of writing an illustration essay is to convey an idea to the reader by providing illustrations (examples) that will solidify the existence of a topic.

Process: For the illustration essay, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Choose a topic: See the      methods for developing a topic and the suggested list of topics in Unit V,      Lesson 3.
  2. Decide if you want to      write a single-example or multiple-example essay: See Unit V, Lesson 2,      for more instruction on the differences between single-example and      multiple-example essays.
  3. Collect illustrations:      See Unit V, Lesson 1, for more information about different kinds of      illustrations. See Unit V, Lesson 4, for more information about how to      gather illustrations.
  4. Craft your thesis      statement: See Unit V, Lesson 5, for more information on how to write a      thesis. Note that you want to craft your thesis according to whether you      choose to write a single-example or a multiple-example essay.
  5. Draft the essay: For      each section of the essay, see the following: Unit V, Lesson 6, for the      introduction; Unit V, Lesson 7, for the body paragraphs; and Unit V,      Lesson 8, for the conclusion.

Stylistic details: All essays must meet the following requirements:

  • 750-1000 words.
  • Write in Times New      Roman, 12 pt. font.
  • Include one-inch margins      on all sides.
  • Use double spacing      (top-to-bottom every page, to include above and below titles and centered      words).
  • Include an APA title      page (for all essays) and reference list that includes all of the sources      used in the essay.
  • Include page numbers      (upper-right corner only).
  • Adhere to APA convention      and documentation style.
  • At least one source is      required. All sources used must be cited.

The following document will assist you in creating this assignment:

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