Posted: July 27th, 2022



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Compare and contrast the symptoms of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

  Anorexia and bulimia are types of eating disorders. They may have similar symptoms for instance body image but normally have different food related characteristics. For instance, individuals having anorexia tend to minimize their food consumption to lose weight. On the other hand, individuals having bulimia tend to increase their food consumption to gain weight. Unlike bulimia, physical symptoms of Anorexia may be severe and life threatening to the victims.

  What role does media/or society plays in the development of these disorders?  

The media has been negatively impacting eating disorders with how the media platforms uses their adverts, shows, programs, etc. To put many people at a higher disordered eating risk making anyone to feel dissatisfied about their body appearances, hence lowering their self-esteem. Conducted research shows that many girls who see photographs in the fashion magazines have a higher probability of finding means to lose weight because of the influence of an article (Feldman, Runfola & Lock, 2018). Concerns about losing weight matters and dieting and the desires to look like other prominent people may be used to indicate the rise in eating disorders risks. Although it is hard to avoid the influence of media with the current technology, media education can offer the necessary tools of evaluating and questioning the information received and in mitigating the negative effects (Marshall, G. W., Moncrief, Rudd & Lee, 2012).

          What are some important nursing considerations regarding the treatment of a client with eating disorders during inpatient hospitalization? 

  Treating eating disorders patients’ needs proper medical evaluation and care. Treatment options should include inpatient hospitalization, day program and outpatient medical care. Nurses should consider educating the patients of eating disorders to avoid the stigma they may experience due to their appearances. They should educate the patients also on knowledge of the disorders, thinness idealization, body dissatisfaction, dieting, BMI, etc.

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