Posted: August 24th, 2022

Ethics in Global Health Practice

Please read the instruction below and the attached files for completing this task: 

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Ethics in Global Health Practice
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(1) Submit your completed Discussion Aid to Dropbox and (2) upload your initial post to the 

Discussion Forum

1. Discussion Aid. To ensure that you have a comfortable grasp of the case before leading the discussion, please carefully read the assigned case, using the Discussion Aid Template to guide your reading, and fill out your Discussion Aid for that case. We encourage you to review the course materials to date to help you identify relevant ethical issues and concepts. 

· The completed Discussion Aid reflects your comprehensive reading of the case. 

2. Initial Post to Discussion Forum. To begin the discussion for participants in your group, please draw selectively from your reading of the case to upload a post in 3 succinct paragraphs. 

· First, summarize key facts of the case. Assume that your classmates have read the case, so you needn’t reconstruct every single fact. Your job is to select certain facts to focus on because they have critical importance for framing the ethical issues you will identify.

· Second, identify relevant ethical issues and concepts. Please select key issues and concepts just to get the discussion going; this is not a ‘brain download’ but a conversation starter. Friendly reminders: an ethical issue is an aspect of a case – such as unmet health needs, health system deficiencies, or societal attitudes – that raises questions about how people ought to treat each other; ethical concepts are analytic constructs – such as human rights, autonomy, beneficence, justice – that we can use to organize our reasoning about what ought to be done.

· Third, identify one actor in the case who has public health decision-making authority and specify one or two candidate courses of action that the actor might take in response to the ethical issues you’ve identified. A ‘course of action’ typically involves not just a single moment of action, but the pursuit of a strategy or approach that calls for multiple coordinated actions, usually orchestrating the efforts of other people.

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