Posted: May 20th, 2022

Excel Project for Business Statistic class

 Real Estate Project.

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Excel Project for Business Statistic class
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The project is to “use the data file provided to prepare a statistical analysis of single-family home values currently in three zip codes in West County St. Louis.


 (the items in parenthesis are examples, you do NOT have to do that particular analysis) 


Create a worksheet called I1 in which you create a few confidence intervals for the mean values of quantitative characteristics (e.g. average list price in each zip code) 

Create a worksheet called I2 in which you create a number of confidence interval for the proportion of a categorical (qualitative) characteristic (e.g. % of homes with four bedrooms or more)

Create a worksheet called I3 in which you create hypothesis tests of two means appropriate for this data (e.g.  determine if the average price by location is different in two zip codes)

Create a worksheet called I4 in which you create hypothesis tests of more than two means (Single Factor ANOVA) appropriate for this data (e.g  determine if the average price if different in n different school districts – LOCATION variable)

 Remember to include all steps, including the hypothesis and conclusion.

The file attached  with the attachment.

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