Posted: June 4th, 2022

Finance Paper

watch this video and write 1-2 double space paper

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Finance Paper
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watch these two parts [Part I: From 0:00 to 28:00 (minutes). Part II: From 48:00 to 1:20:10] and answer following questions

1. List and describe three concepts that we covered in class that were discussed in detail in the videos.

2. After watching this video, what are your thoughts on globalization, both in terms of finance and trade. Discuss the pros and cons as you see them, while also addressing more recent developments (e.g., the rise of the economies of Brazil, India, Russia, and China (BRICs), the mortgage and sovereign debt crises, etc.). I am interested to hear your opinions.


video link:

I upload the textbook, and professor covered first 4 chapters.


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