Posted: July 29th, 2022

Financial Feasibility Analysis

Need a 1 page 12 point Ariel font, 1/4 inch indentions,  and single line and character spacing. 

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Financial Feasibility Analysis
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Questions to answer:

Capital Requirements  How much cash and securities do we need to get started? We will bring 20% with us for a loan. 

Estimated Earnings  Can  we beat the Industry averages in the IBIS report? What do the numbers  look like? Do we lose money at first while developing the company? 

Time Out of Cash  Most  firms lose money the first or second year of operations while we pay  off debt. What is the burn rate and when will we run out of money if  there is no profit? 

Return on Investment  Can  we beat the Industry average? What is the normal return on an  investment like this? How soon do we expect to make a return on  investment? 

Remember that  you can estimate your expenses using the IBIS industry report. Start  with your room count, percent of occupancy, and estimated sales. Then  estimate your expenses using the averages listed in the IBIS report. 


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