Posted: September 13th, 2022

Financial Ratio


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Financial Ratio
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For this bonus assignment, please follow the link below to the SEC website:

to an external site.)

Once here, type the symbol for the company that I have assigned you in the Excel spreadsheet (BonusAssignmentTickers.csvPreview the document) into the “Company and Personal Lookup” bar & click enter. In the “Filing Type” search box on the left of the screen, type “10-K” and press enter. Then, select the blue “Interactive Data” bar next to the most recent 10-K. Once there, click “Financial Statements” on the left of the screen and select from the menu of financial statements (Beware that the names aren’t “income statement” and “balance sheet”; they may be “CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS” or “CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS” but just open them to see what they are and it should become apparent to you) to calculate the following financial ratios for the firm you were provided:

1. Current Ratio

2. Quick Ratio (Acid Test)

3. Operating Return on Assets (OROA)

4. Total Asset Turnover

5. Times Interest Earned Ratio

Show me the inputs for calculating each of these, then give a short explanation of what each one means. If you cannot, for some reason, find one of these ratios (You should be able to find them all), choose one other that we have used in class and calculate it instead.

This can all be done in a Word document and uploaded to Canvas in this assignment. This is worth 10 BONUS POINTS toward exam 2.

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