Posted: July 30th, 2022

financial statement analysis

Follow three public companies traded in the NYSE that you would like to invest in, different from the ones analyzed in the Mid-Term

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financial statement analysis
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Assignment. Analyze the last financial statements available of each company (income statements, cash flow statements and balance

sheets), and answer the following questions:

i. At a first sight through the income statement, how are the results of each company (profits vs losses)?

ii. How do you think, in your opinion, that the P&L results of each company could be improved after analyzing its income

statement, taking into account the net sales and all costs and expenses incurred by the company?

iii. Have a look on the three financial statements available for each company. Analyze and answer the following questions:

a. The liquidity of each company through the liquidity ratios and explain your findings.

b. The profitability of each company through the profitability ratios and explain your findings.

c. The market value of each company through the market ratios and explain your findings.

iv. Explain your conclusions of each one of the three chosen companies taking into account the analysis made above.

v. Would you invest in each one of these companies? Why?

vi. Finally, have a look on the main financial journals. Which investment/s would you like to make and why?

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