Posted: August 13th, 2022


 After completing the Everest Simulation, lecture, and reading assignments, write a 3-page (minimum 750 words) response to the following task: How effective was your Everest Team in decision-making? What struggles did the team face while working through the Everest Simulation? What could have been done differently that would have ensured team success? Where could have been more empathetic towards your team members?

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Everest Simulation was an online group project with 4 classmates. The purpose of the simulation is how well the group worked together during the climb to make it to the top without giving up or having disagreements.

My group never could get started so we couldn’t make it pass day 1. We did conference calls to make sure everyone was on the same page. still no luck. We had to call the teacher to see what was going on. Still the site wouldn’t let my group progress. So end result we couldn’t complete the climb to MT Everest. My group overall were very helpful. No one got upset or wanted to argue. We were trying to do whatever it took to complete the assignment.

APA Style. Reference page included. Atleast 2 scholoary articles must be citied.

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