Posted: September 2nd, 2022


3.5 – Review Questions

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Each module has a set of review questions to assist you in learning the materials and help you prepare for the final exam.

Spend quality time responding to the following questions in your own words.

  1. Defend the importance of the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) and Pilot’s Operating Handbook.
  2. Name the four stages or the Life Cycle Costs and describe which stage is the highest and why.
  3. Describe the three classifications of reciprocating engines. Please give examples of each type.
  4. Describe two types of plans that are used in a business or corporate aviation flight department.
  5. Describe why a turboprop is used in aviation today. What are the three main sections of a turboprop engine

Please write questions out in document



Sheehan, J. J. (2013). Business and corporate aviation management (2nd. ed.). New York, NY:

McGraw-Hill Education.

Please see attachment




Citations and references must be in current APA format.

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